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Product Information
Group Plans MetLife Complete Care Plus
PNB MetLife offers ‘Complete Care Plus' is a group life insurance policy. It is a convenient product that provides cover against death and protects the family.


  • MetLife Complete Care Plus ensures
  • Protection for family of the employee
  • Reasonable than an individual life cover
  • Hassle-free implementation because of availability of free cover limit
  • Strong retention tool for employers
  • Flexible payment modes
  • Option to convert to individual coverage when an employee leaves the organization
  • Additional cover for self and family on participatory basis
  • Tax Benefits as applicable
Minimum ages at entry 18 years age last birthday
Maximum ages at entry 80 years age last birthday
Maximum Expiry Age 81 Years age last birthday
Minimum Face Amount (Per member) Rs. 5,000
Maximum Face Amount (Per member) Rs.100 crore per life
Minimum Premium Rs. 2915 per life
Maximum Premium Rs.7,97,56,000 per life Rs.1,000 Crore per Scheme
Minimum Group size/ Scheme size 10 members.
Maximum Group size/ Scheme size 9,00,00,000