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Group Plans MetLife Unit Linked Employee Benefit Plan
A plan that offers a comprehensive solution for employers who wish to outsource administration and management of Leave Encashment and Gratuity liabilities in an effective and integrated manner. This is a group variable insurance plan, administered similar to a cash accumulation scheme.


  • MetLife Unit Linked Employee Benefit Plan ensures
  • Option of choice of two linked funds - Debt Fund and Balanced Fund.
  • Provides switching facility between the two funds. The first 4 switches between funds in a policy year will be free of any charge.
  • Facility to pay the gratuity contribution (both past service liability and current service cost) in instalments.
Minimum age at entry 18 years age last birthday
Maximum age at entry 74 years age last birthday
Maximum Maturity Age As per Individual employer’s scheme
Minimum / Maximum Contribution Rs 1 lakh/500 cr
Inbuilt Life Cover Upon Death Rs 1,000
Policy Term One year renewable