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Group Plans MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan
Retaining talent and attracting new talent has become a challenge in the modern business environment. If you check your lists you will lose track of how many people have come and gone in the last few quarters of your company. Given this scenario and an economic environment that’s not conducive to constant increments, employee motivation becomes extremely significant. We all have a family and when we extend financial security to your employees and their families it may turn up to become a huge motivational factor for an employee to be motivated to stay within the company. This plan fits right into the bracket of providing financial security to employees and helps retain key talent.


  • MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan ensures
    1. Offer Minimum guaranteed interest of 2% p.a. on each portion of the contributions paid.
    2. Provision to pay the gratuity contribution (both past service liability and current service cost) in instalments.
    3. Tax Benefits as applicable
Minimum age at entry 18 years age as per last birthday
Maximum ages at entry 1 year less than the ‘Normal Retirement Age’ defined in the individual Employer’s Scheme Rules.
Maximum Maturity Age The ‘Normal Retirement Age’ as defined in the individual Employer’s Scheme Rules.
Minimum / Maximum Contribution Rs.100,000 / Rs.500 Crore
Minimum Group size Minimum group size is 10
Maximum Group size No Limit
Minimum Policy Term Yearly renewable basis