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Product Information
Group Plans MetLife Superannuation
MetLife Superannuation offers a comprehensive solution for employers who wish to outsource administration and management of Superannuation liabilities in an effective and integrated manner. This is a group variable insurance plan, administered similar to a cash accumulation scheme.


  • MetLife Superannuation ensures
    1. Interest Guarantee on the contributions paid, subject to applicable conditions.
    2. Interest declared each quarter will become part of the capital. And both capital and interest will continue to earn interest every quarter.
    3. Tax Benefits as applicable
Minimum ages at entry 18 years age last birthday
Maximum ages at entry As per the Scheme Rules
Maximum Maturity Age(1) As per the Scheme Rules
Minimum / Maximum Contribution The minimum and maximum contributions shall be in accordance with an independent actuary’s certificate as per AS15 (Revised).
Minimum Group size Minimum group size is 10
Maximum Group size No Limit
Minimum Policy Term Yearly renewable basis