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After decades of working hard to take care of your responsibilities, you deserve to put your feet up and enjoy your golden years - pursue your hobbies that you never had time for, make up for lost holidays, share memories with family or take pride in remaining independent. Reliance Pension Builder helps you to save regularly to build your nest-egg for retirement that you can look forward to.


  • Choose your policy term based on when you want to retire
  • Build your retirement corpus through paying premium for five years, seven years, ten years or throughout the policy term
  • Boost your retirement savings with regular simple reversionary bonus and terminal bonus, if any
  • At retirement, get guaranteed regular income for whole of life
  • Protect your family with a lump sum amount or guaranteed income in case of unfortunate death
  • Avail tax benefits on investment and on returns, as per the applicable income tax laws


  • Tailor-make your retirement plan
  • Start your pension when you want it
  • Choose between various pension options
  • Secure your retirement with guaranteed income for whole of life
  • Avail tax benefits, as per applicable tax laws