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Saving And Investment Plans IndiaFirst Life Cash Back Plan
This plan guarantees payouts at regular intervals to meet your immediate needs and an assured maturity payout to secure your future.


  • Ensures your family's financial security in case of the life assured's unfortunate demise by paying higher of 10 times the annualised premium or sum assured on maturity along with accumulated guaranteed additions
  • Meet your short and medium term financial goals through regular assured payouts
  • Boost your investments through Guaranteed Additions
  • Enjoy long term investment benefits by paying only for a limited period
  • Avail tax benefits on the premium you invest under Section 80 (C) as per Income Tax laws
  • You also get tax benefits on the benefits you receive at regular intervals or on maturity of your plan under Section 10 (10D) as per Income Tax laws
For 9 year plan :
Minimum age : 15 years
Maximum age : 45 years

For a 12 year plan :
Minimum age : 15 years
Maximum age : 50 years

For a 15 year plan :
Minimum age : 15 years
Maximum age : 55 years
The maximum age at the time of maturity is 70 years Minimum sum assured is Rs. 50,000. There is no limit on maximum sum assured (subject to underwriting.)