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Retirement Plans SBI Life - Saral Pension
Retirement - means giving up work and continuing to Celebrate Life! SBI Life - Saral Pension is an Individual, Participating, Non Linked, Traditional Pension Plan, which offers you complete safety from market volatility, by providing you a secure future and a joyous retirement.


  • Guaranteed Bonus: Guaranteed simple reversionary Bonuses for first 5 years; @ 2.50% for first three years and @2.75% for the next two years, of the Sum Assured. Guaranteed bonus will be applicable only to in-force policies.
  • Vesting (Maturity) benefit: Sum Assured plus vested simple reversionary bonuses plus terminal bonus, if any. The sum assured carries an implicit guaranteed interest rate of at least 0.25% p.a. compounding annually on the total premiums.
  • Death Benefit: Higher of total premiums paid accumulated at an interest rate of 0.25% p.a. compounded annually plus vested reversionary bonus plus terminal bonuses, if any or 105% of total premiums paid.
  • Life Cover: Option of additional life cover through SBI Life - Preferred Term Rider (UIN: 111B014V02).
  • On Vesting, you can buy immediate annuity from your entire proceeds or commute upto one-third of the policy proceeds and buy annuity with the rest.
  • Flexibility: You can defer the vesting date upto age of 70 years or extend the accumulation / deferment$ period of your policy
  • Tax Benefits* : As per prevailing norms under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Age at Entry Min: 18 years
Max: For Single premium: 65 years,
Max: For Regular premium: 60 years
Age^ at Vesting Min: 40 years
Max: 70 years
Policy Term Min: For Single premium: 5 years,
Min: For Regular premium: 10 years
Max: 40 years
Sum Assured Min: Rs.1,00,000/-
Max: No Limit
Premium Frequency Single / Yearly / Half-yearly / Monthly