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Product Information
Group Plans SBI LIFE - Swarna Jeevan
This plan offers –
  • Security – by transferring the liability of your defined pension scheme
  • Reliability – protecting employees’ pension post-retirement
  • Affordability – better annuity rates due to group effect
  • Flexibility – wider range of annuity options


    A variety of Annuity Options to choose from :

    Single Annuity :
  • Life Annuity
  • Life annuity with refund of purchase price
  • Life annuity with refund of balance purchase price
  • Annuity certain for 5 to 35 years and annuity for life thereafter
  • Increasing Life annuity (Simple increasing)

  • Joint Annuity :
  • Joint life (last survivor) annuity
  • Joint life (last survivor) annuity with refund of purchase price
  • Joint life annuity certain for 5 to 35 years and joint life (last survivor) annuity thereafter

The plan benefits would depend on the annuity options selected.
Minimum Maximum
Age at Entry For Members: 30 Yars For Members: 85 Yars
For Spouse: 18 Yars For Spouse: 85 Yars
Group Size 10 Members or less 1No Limit
Annuity Amount INR 12000 per person per annum ---