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Product Information
Retirement Plans Bajaj Allianz Life Guaranteed Pension Goal
Bajaj Allianz Life Guaranteed Pension Goal assures your Lifestyle goals by giving guaranteed income throughout life as per your choice and need.


  • Paid up Benefit:
    Applicable to regular/limited payment deferred annuity
  • Tax Benefits:
    As per applicable tax laws as amended from time to time
  • Suicide Claim Provision:
    Applicable under a deferred annuity during deferment period
  • Revival of the Policy
    Applicable under deferred Annuity with Regular/Limited Premium


  • Bajaj Allianz Life Guaranteed Pension Goal is a non-participating, non-linked,
    Individual/ Group General Annuity Savings/ Pure Risk Plan
  • Guaranteed income throughout life: Your annuity amount is guaranteed at policy
    inception and is paid regularly as per your choice and need (Yearly/Half-yearly/Quaterly/Monthly)
  • Wide Range of Annuity Options: Choose from a wide range of Annuity options to
    meet your lifestyle goals
  • Choose when your second innings start: Annuity starts immediately or after a few
    years (from policy inception) as per your choice and need
  • Ensure your family’s lifestyle goals are met even when you are not around: Option to
    take joint life annuity with 50% or 100% annuity payable to your spouse after your
  • Return of cost (Purchase Price): Option to receive Return of Purchase Price (ROP) on death or as survival benefit